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The search phrase is NOT part of the filename. It is, instead, the leading characters in the file you want to search for. The output will be a space-delimited (separated by spaces) string containing the names of the files that match the search phrase. For example, say you had a few programs that start with ":CCN". You would get all files that would match that if you did:


If you wanted to get a complete program/appvar file listing then you'd just omit the search phrase. You will get some oddly-named program files as the first of the results, since they are system-reserved program files with illegal file names.

A neat little example with this command is locating all ION-type files. For that, you'd use an additional command inline with this one.


That command uses the HEXTOBIN command to convert the hex to the binary that ASM programs (w/ION Head) are stored in.

Note: This command is not to be confused with GETPROGLIST, which outputs a string consisting of files whose NAMES start with the specified characters.

Technical Details




Finds specified file(s). See description.