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This routine simple returns an integer indicating which version of the Doors CS libraries are present. Note: this routine cannot be used to verify whether Doors CS libraries or present or not. For that, det([[42 must be used; see DCSB Libs for details.

Technical Details




An integer is returned in Ans indicating the version of the DCSB Libs present. Known versions:
1: Supplies sum(0) through sum(12), as present in Doors CS 6.7 beta.
2: Supplies sum(0) through sum(13), as present in Doors CS 6.8 beta.
3: Supplies sum(0) through sum(16), as present in Doors CS 6.9 beta.
4: Now including Flash-capable BinRead, as present in Doors CS 7.2 Beta 3
5: Supplies sum(0) through sum(19), as present in Doors CS 7.2 Beta 3