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Draws a sprite to the buffer at a specified location. The sprite is taken from a Pic file. This will work even if the Pic file is archived.

Technical Details


real(1, Spr_X, Spr_Y, Spr_Width, Spr_Height, sPIC_Num,sPIC_X, sPIC_Y, Spr_Method, Spr_Flip, Spr_UpdateLCD

Spr_X = Upper-right of sprite to be displayed, onscreen, between 0 and 95
Spr_Y = Upper-right of sprite to be displayed, between 0 and 63
Spr_Width = Sprite width in bytes. An 8-pixel-wide sprite is 1 bye wide , 16 pixels wide is 2 bytes, and so on.
Spr_Height = Sprite height in pixels
sPIC_Num = The picture number that this sprite is stored in. 1-9 for Pic1-Pic9, 0 for Pic10.
sPIC_X = The offset for the stored sprite in the pic horizontally. Must be a value from 0-11, and is aligned on bytes (with every 8 pixels).
sPIC_Y = The offset for the sprite in the pic vertically. Does not need to be aligned.
Spr_Method =

  • 0 for overwrite
  • 1 for AND logic
  • 2 for OR logic
  • 3 for XOR logic.

Spr_Flip =

  • 0: No flip
  • 1: Horizontal Flip

Spr_UpdateLCD =

  • 0: Do not update
  • 1: Update the cleared screen


(See Description)