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Adds a clickable button with custom position and image. The program will jump to the given address in case of clicking.

Key : QuartReg [stats] [→]


  • X,Y : the button's position, relative to the container.
  • onClickFuncr : the address to jump to when clicked.
  • spriteWidth : the number of 8*5 sprites you want to align horizontally.
  • buttonWidth : the width of the button's clickable area in pixels (starting at the first column of the sprite).
  • sprite : the sprite data, composed of spriteWidth*5 bytes.


Data(X,Y, onClickFuncr, spriteWidth, buttonWidth)→XXX
[...      ← sprite data

Or :

Data(X,Y, LlabelOnClickFuncr, spriteWidth, buttonWidth)→XXX
[...      ← sprite data

Always follow this scheme when setting parameters !