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This routine is only available on Doors CSE 8.0 and later for the color-screen TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition.


Utility functions used when setting up an xLIBC program. real(0,0) gets the current xLIBC version, real(0,1,<bool>) turns half-resolution mode on or off, and real(0,20,<bool>) turns fast (15MHz) mode on or off.

Technical Details


real(0,0): Returns version in Ans


real(0,1,1): Enable half-resolution (160x240-pixel) mode
real(0,1,0): Disable half-resolution (160x240-pixel) mode


real(0,2,0): Disable fast (15MHz) mode, switching to 6MHz mode
real(0,2,1): Enable fast (15MHz) mode