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Vertical Scrollbar


This item places a clickable vertical scrollbar on the screen and handles all movement clicking with associated handlers.

Note for onClick: (bc) and (bc+1) are the little-endian current values of the scrollbar position for OnScrollUp and OnScrollDown.

Type ID: $13


Datalength: 16 bytes

0: x-coordinate [1 byte]
1: y-coordinate [1 byte]
2: height in pixels [1 byte]
3: ID number [1 byte]
4: Increment/decrement per click [2 bytes]
6: Minimum value on scrollbar [2 bytes]
8: Maximum value on scrollbar [2 bytes]
10: Current value on scrollbar [2 bytes]
12: Onclick pointer for upward scrolling [2 bytes]
14: Onclick pointer for downward scrolling [2 bytes]