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GUI Documentation

  • GUI API - Using the GUI API included in Doors CS
  • GUI Memory Areas - explains necessary memory precautions for use with the GUI in your programs.

GUI Stack Functions

  • OpenGUIStack - Opens the GUI stack for use with the other GUI functions.
  • CloseGUIStack - Closes the GUI stack and frees memory used by the stack.
  • PushGUIStack - Pushes an item onto the GUI stack.
  • PushGUIStacks - Saves program space via mass GUI stack pushes.
  • PopGUIStack - Removes an item from the GUI stack
  • PopGUIStacks - Removes multiple items from the GUI stack
  • GUIFindFirst - Returns pointers to the first item on the stack
  • GUIFindNext - Given the pointers to an item, finds the next item
  • GUIFindThis - Finds a specific item in the stack
  • RenderGUI - Renders all the items on the GUI stack
  • GUIMouse - Should be used with a call, behaves like a jp. Renders the GUI, then moves into the mouse subsystem.

GUI Stack Items