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Doors CS 7

Doors CS 7 has been released; the following are a small selection of screenshots from the development process.

newabout_real.gif memorypop.gif garbage2.gif
New Doors CS 7 About screen MemoryPop to accompany InfoPop Garbage Collect override
000243.gif tabfunc7.gif fldrestore.gif
New properties menu TabFuncs2 sample usage Folder Restore feature
homerun.gif homerun_djtunaxe.gif dcs65_axesrcident.gif
Homerun feature Homerun feature Identifying Axe source
runprogvec2.gif scrollsave.gif dcshelp2.gif
Runprog Vector in action Scroll saving across various functions Doors CS Help menu

Doors CS 6

Most of Doors CS 7 will retain the look and feel of Doors CS 6.

Respaced.gif Startmenugui6.gif Defaultcursor.gif
Respaced Desktop Icons Cursor Editing Default Cursor Button
dsc6textsingledone.gif startmenugui2.gif ptiani1uh8.gif
GUI API Contrast Adjustment MOS Support
ap_pt.gif tabfuncs.gif
AP System TabFuncs SE