Calc: TI-84+SE

Version: 5.7 Beta 2

Severity: 2

Reported by: Netham45

Description: Having a BASIC program that uses a standard DCS Header when either varible D, C, or S are undefined causes program crash.

First Reported: 09/19/06

Status: Maybe if DCS wrote to Varibles D, C, and S before executing a BASIC program, it would work.

Update by Kerm: A-F are also an issue. I’m considering just replacing the header with 0’s, which would be the easiest option at this point.

Update by Netham45: Wouldn’t making it ignore the :DCS at the begining destroy compatibally with older programs? Why not just make DoorsCS just write 1 to the varibles before execution of the BASIC programs.

Update by Kerm: various solutions are under consideration on the Cemetech forum.

Update by Kerm: This bug has been resolved.