Description #

Adds a single-line password prompter with custom width, maximum characters allowed, offset and default text to the GUIStack. It’s exactly the same as TextLineIn but with the entered text replaced by ‘x’.

Key : 2-SampTTest [stats] [←]

Inputs #

  • X,Y : the password input’s position, relative to the container.
  • W : the password input’s width in pixels.
  • maxCharr : the maximum number of characters allowed.
  • offsetr : the position in the string of the first character to display (starting from 0).
  • defaultText : the text displayed in the password input (it’ll be replaced by ‘x’ indeed). Note that this field will be modified by the user when inputting new password !

Format #

Data(X, Y, W, maxCharr, offsetr


Always follow this scheme when setting parameters !