Description #

Outputs the binary equivalent of an input string. For example, if you did this:


The result would be: “ABCD”, since each of those hex digits equate to the tokens ‘A’,‘B’,‘C’, and ‘D’ in that order. Very useful if you want to provide input that would other wise be impossible from BASIC, such as the start of an ION shell header for the FINDPROG command, or supplying binary-only input for some of the few commands that require it.

This command replaces the TOKENCODE command, since using HEXTOBIN is more convenient due to the fact that most token equates are in hexadecimal, not decimal. You can also grab as many tokens as you want through this.

For a listing of tokens, see the contents of the MOREINFO folder located within the main folder of the Celtic III distribution.

Technical Details #

Arguments #


Outputs #

Converts hex code to binary.