Description #

This command takes Pic X (Pic0 = 10) and performs an action designated by a function number. If arg_1 = …

0: Copies Pic file to the graph buffer using logic method. arg_1
specifies the Pic file arg_2 specifies the logic code. The supported
codes are:

0: REPLACE, no screen update.\

1: AND, no screen update.\
2: OR, no screen update.\
3: XOR, no screen update.\
4: REPLACE, the screen is updated.\
5: AND, the screen is updated.\
6: OR, the screen is updated.\
7: XOR, the screen is updated.\

1: Creates a new pic file using the contents of the graph buffer. Any preexisting picture will be replaced.
2: Swaps a pic file between archive and RAM. If it is now in RAM, the output is 0, else it is some other number.
3: Deletes a picture. This is not an undoable action, so be cautious while using this function.

Technical Details #

Arguments #


Outputs #

Modifies the LCD contents. See above.