Description #

This routine renders the contents of the GUI stack, but then returns control to the calling BASIC program rather than invoking the GUIMouse. This routine is useful if you wish to render an interface via the DCS GUI stack system, but either don’t wish to use the mouse, or wish to use the SimpleGUIMouse instead of the full GUI mouse. Please see the GUI_API guide for assembly programmers for full information on how the GUI stack works. You can also check out the ASM equivalents of the DCSB Lib GUI stack routines at the GUI_Tools page. The ASM equivalent of this function is ASMLibs:RenderGUI.

Technical Details #

Arguments #


If the function is called as sum(11), the GUI is rendered to the graph buffer and copied to the LCD. Sum(11,1) will also achieve the same thing. However, sum(11,0) will render the GUI to the graph buffer but not copy it to the LCD.

Outputs #


Destroyed #