This routine is only available on Doors CSE 8.0 and later for the color-screen TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition.

Description #

Draws indexed (palette-based) sprite onto the LCD and into the graph buffer. Copies the contents of the graph buffer under the sprite back into Str9, so that you can “erase” the sprite back to the original background. Good for moving player characters, cursors, and the like. Interacts politely with Pic variables and OS drawing commands like Line(, Circle(, Text(, and so on. If you want to draw a lot of different sprites to the screen and won’t need to erase them back to the background, then use BufSpriteSelect instead.

Technical Details #

Arguments #

Str9 = Sprite data as ASCII hex, one nibble per byte. The digits 1-F are valid colors (1=blue, 2=red, 3=black, etc), while G will cause the routine to skip to the next line. 0 is normal transparency, and lets the background show through. H is a special kind of transparency that erases back to transparency instead of leaving the background color intact.
X,Y = Coordinates of top-left corner of sprite
width = Sprite width (height gets computed)

Outputs #

Str9: Same length as input, contains the previous contents of the graph buffer where the sprite was drawn. You can call det(9…) again without changing Str9 to effectively undo the first sprite draw.