Description #

This routine scans the graphscreen in a given direction from a given starting point, and returns the coordinate of the last pixel it encounters that is the same color as the starting pixel. For example, if the starting pixel is black, and 2 (down) is specified as the direction, the routine will move down one pixel at a time from the starting pixel until it finds a white pixel, then return the y-coordinate of the pixel above that pixel. If the pixel directly below the starting pixel was the first white pixel, it would return the coordinates of the starting pixel. If the edge of the screen is reached, the coordinate of the edge pixel will be returned (0 for up or left, 95 for right, 63 for down). This routine is useful for things like flood filling and collision detection.

Technical Details #

Arguments #

X: x-coordinate of starting pixel
Y: y-coordinate of starting pixel
DIR: Direction to scan. 1=up, 2=down, 3=left, 4=right, all others invalid

Outputs #

The coordinate of the last pixel of the same color as the starting pixel in the given direction is returned in Ans. If the chosen direction is up or down, the coordinate is a y-coordinate (the x will be the same as the initial x). If the direction is left or right, Ans will contain an x-coordinate.

Destroyed #