Description #

This routine pops the current value of Ans from a special Ans stack. The PushAnsStack command is the reverse function, pushing a value into Ans. It is recommended that you call ClearAnsStack before touching the AnsStack in case another programmer failed to clean it up properly.

If no second argument is provided, then the value in Ans is popped from the default stack, called Ans0. However, a second argument between 0 and 9 inclusive will instead specify that the value should be popped from one of Ans0 through Ans9. PushAnsStack allows a similar second argument.

Technical Details #

Arguments #


Outputs #

The value of Ans is popped from the AnsStack if and only if there is enough memory, and the value in Ans is one of the following types:

  • Real Number
  • Complex Number
  • Real List
  • Complex List
  • String
  • Real Matrix

If the AnsStack is empty, Ans is left untouched.

Destroyed #