Description #

Performs a bitwise operation between value1 and value2 using a supplied logic value. Logic: NONE=0 AND=1 ; OR=2 ; XOR=3. These numbers are converted to a 16-bit number and then the operation is carried out in order to maintain simplicity.

If the numbers are out of bounds, then the function will exit out with an error. If a negative number is introduced, it will be treated as 65536-abs(value). This command really helps mask out hex digits but if you use strings to store those digits, you’ll need to use the HEXTODEC command for each value you need. This can easily be done inline, as the example shows:


That example should turn out to be 65535, or “FFFF” if you were to extend the idea of functions:


Technical Details #

Arguments #


Outputs #

Returns a number based on bitwise math on the inputs.