This routine is only available on Doors CSE 8.0 and later for the color-screen TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition.

Description #

Output status string describing a program or AppVar’s current state, including size, visibility, and more.

Technical Details #

Arguments #

Str0: Name of program to examine

Outputs #

Str9: Contains 9 byte output code.
1st character: “A”=Archived “R”=RAM “
2nd character: “V”=Visible “H”=Hidden
3rd character: “L”=Locked “W”=Writable “O”=AppVar
4th character: –RESERVED– (filled with space char)

Five character string afterward is the size of data portion of variable.

Example: “AVL 00314” = Archived, visible, locked, and 314 bytes.