Code Used #

Full/Partial Packages #

  • Iambian - “Iambian” Zenith, author of Celtic III, for the routines that form the majority of the codebase for Doors CS 7’s Celtic / xLIB / PicArc / Omnicalc support.

New Code #

  • Chipmaster for the cursor editing routine.
  • KrYpT and Jim e for the Sprite Enlarger routine.
  • Tari for helping design and build the alpha-sorting routine.

Routines #

  • DWedit for selected Mirage OS routines.
  • Joe W for the Ion routines and ideas for the original ASM swaploader.
  • Timendus for the line and rectangle routines that were modified for use with Doors CS.
  • Ben Ryves for the PlayTone routine from QuadPlay.
  • ThePenguin77 for the LCD Delay tuning routine (similar to ALCDFix).
  • Anakclusmos for the PushGUIStacks and GUIFindThis routines.
  • Calc84Maniac and Ben Ryves for their ISR guidance for CALCnet2.2.
  • Patrick tr1p1ea Prendergast, author of xLIB, for his original xLIB routines that helped solidify the idea of Hybrid BASIC
  • Tim geekboy Keller for his extensive help with CALCnet and the BASIC CALCnet libraries.

Beta Testing #

  • Doors CS 4-6: TIFreak8x, elfprince13, AtomBlastKX, Marc Tambini, and all the others who have done extensive beta-testing for Doors CS.
  • Doors CS 7: qazz42, Silver Shadow, xXEpicxXXxFailXx, Anakclusmos, Eeems, Xeno_Cre8or, calcdude84se, Daniel “TIFreak8x” Thorneycroft, Brandon “BrandonW” Wilson, WhiteValkery, Jon “Jonimus” Sturm, Shaun “Merthsoft” McFall, Alex “comicMAN” Glanville, Thomas “elfprince13” Dickerson, Iambian, Kevin “DJ Omnimaga” Ouellet, Deep Thought, Braden Hynes, Tanner “_player1537” Hobson and all the other people who have helped me to track down bugs and have suggested features for Doors CS 7.
  • Doors CS 7.1: ZTrumpet, Beta7, JosJuice, Albert “AlbertHRocks” Huang, and all the other Cemetech members and Doors CS 7 beta testers. Many thanks especially to Beta7 for his tireless efforts in helping to track down a TI-OS 2.53MP-related bug set.

Optimization #

  • pacHa

Bug Resolution #

  • Jim e and mmartin for Doors CS 5.0 bug resolution at Detached Solutions.\
  • Saibot84 and FloppusMaximus for help with hooks.
  • Tr1p1ea for his help with interrupts.
  • Braden Hynes for going above and beyond in helping me replicate many obstinate DCS7 bugs.
  • Brandon W for help with the writeback failure bug.
  • Sonlen for help with the rare and elusive XLib/Text bug.