Distorted screen #

A TI-84 Plus displaying a typical sort of distorted screen.

Some calculators (especially newer 84 Pluses) have display drivers built into them that behave contrary to historical expectations, which often results in garbled display such as pictured here, or makes the contents of the screen appear tilted or “wavy”.

For some calculators ALCDFIX can be used to reprogram the LCD driver to correct these issues. Other calculators (typically even newer than the ones for which ALCDFIX works) have different issues that can only be fixed by changing programs to avoid problematic behavior: Doors CS 7.4 includes this fix, so ensure you have the newest version if encountering display issues like this.

Hook Interference #

Most problems with Doors CS are caused by Inequalz and similar applications that interfere with Doors CS 7.2. It is recommended that you avoid using Inequalz application whenever possible as a primary troubleshooting mechanism. If you must use Inequalz, or another application that conflicts with Doors CS, read below.

How To Identify If Doors CS May Be Causing Your Problems #

If your calculator won’t let you edit code. For example:

  • You break a program and select Goto and the menu freezes on your screen.
  • You go to the [PRGM] menu, select EDIT, then select your program and the screen freezes there.
    • You can fix this temporarily by pressing [CLEAR] to clear your screen.

How To Identify A Problem Application #

You can identify some problem apps by running that application while Doors CS is enabled and looking for a “CONFLICTING APPS” message. This can be solved by quitting that particular application. However, lack of such a message by no means proves that a particular app is not the culprit.

This screen may also provide a list of which apps cause problems. When using the Inequalz application it states that Omnicalc is what is interfering. While Doors CS is not stated there, when Omnicalc is interfered and still “half working” it interferes with Doors CS 7.2 and causes both to work improperly.

Solution 1: Restart #

  1. Run Inequalz or another conflicting application.
  2. Run the application again and disable it.
  3. Turn calculator off then back on.
  4. Restart Doors CS 7.2.

Solution 2: RAM Clear #

  1. Run Inequalz or another conflicting application.
  2. Run the application again and disable it.
  3. Archive all the programs you want to keep.
  4. Remove your calculator’s batteries for 30 seconds.
  5. Reinsert batteries and turn the calculator back on.
  6. Restart Doors CS 7.2.

NOTE: A RAM clear will also reset everything, including plots, variables, lists, matrixes, and the graph screen. Never attempt a RAM clear if aren’t ready to lose the data stored on your calculator.

Further Troubleshooting Assistance #

If this does not fix your problem, please make a post on the Cemetech forum and explain the problem, exactly what causes it if possible and someone will look for a solution.