Doors CS 7 (TI-83+/TI-84+)

Doors CS 7 for the monochrome calculators offers services for programs written in TI-BASIC and assembly. Features that are available to all of them include:

  • The GUI system provides a framework within which to build user interfaces using the same idioms as Doors CS itself.
  • Calcnet2.2 implements a networking system allowing many calculators to communicate concurrently across large networks, including across the Internet when used with an appropriate bridge in globalCALCnet.

Assembly #

Doors CS is backward-compatible with Ion and MirageOS, with capability to run programs written for either of those shells as well as providing its own set of libraries beyond what is offered by those earlier systems.

Assembly programs can also handle Associated Programs which launch a handler program when they are opened from Doors CS, useful for programs that edit data stored on the calculator such as Document DE.

The data related to the APIs are all defined in the include file, which is also packaged with the SDK downloads.


BASIC programs may optionally include a Doors CS header, and have access to a variety of extension libraries beyond the normal capabilities of TI-BASIC.