Program Header

Doors CSE for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition color-screen calculator uses a more modular header than the earlier black-and-white version for the TI-83 Plus/Silver Edition and TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition.

Header Format #

The general header format is as follows, and is designed for the Brass assembler:

; Program Name: 
; Author: 
; Version: 
; Date: 
; Written for Doors CSE 8.0 and higher (
#include ""
#include ""
   .org UserMem
   .db $DE,$2A,"N",$BB,$B4,$BB,$B4,$BB,$B3,$BB,$C3,")D"   ;Disp "Needs D
   .db $BB,$BF,$BB,$BF,$BB,$C2,$BB,$C3,")CSE",$2A,$3F     ;oors CSE"
   .db $EF,$11                                            ;OpenLib(
   .db "D",$BB,$BF,$BB,$BF,$BB,$C2,$BB,$C3,"CSE",$11,$3F  ;(tokenized "DoorsCSE")
   .db $EF,$12,$3F                                        ;ExecLib
   .db $D5,$3F                                            ;Return
   .db tExtTok,tAsm84CPrgm,$3F                            ;Asm84CPrgm
   .dw ASMStart-HeaderStart        ;offset to code
   ; Header sections start here
   .dw 10
   .db "DoorsCSE",8,0              ;Lib name, min major version, min minor version
   .dw SECTIONSIZE ;(excludes type byte)
   .dw SECTIONSIZE ;(excludes type byte)
   .db  ;0 or more header fields in total
   .dw 0     ;End of header field: 0 bytes of data
   .db $ff   ;End of header field: type 255
   .relocate UserMem

Header Field Types #

Note: Most of these fields are optional. The Type 3 header is not optional for Doors CSE 8.0+ programs.

  • 0: Description. Data is variable-length: zero-terminated string. Short descriptions are recommended.
  • 1: Icon. Data is variable length.
    • Offset 0: Icon type (1 byte).
      • Type 0: 32*32-pixel icon, 2-bit color (4 colors), 8-byte (4-color) palette
      • Type 1: 32*32-pixel icon, 1-bit color (2 colors), 4-byte (2-color) palette
      • Type 2: 16*16-pixel icon, 4-bit color (16 colors), 32-byte (16-color) palette
      • Type 3: 16*16-pixel icon, 8-bit color (256 colors), xLIBC palette (no palette data) (Doors CE only)
    • Offset 1: Palette (bytes as indicated above)
    • Offset 1+(palette size): Icon width, in displayed pixels. 32 for icon types 0-2.
    • Offset 2+(palette size): Icon height, in displayed pixels. 32 for icon types 0-2.
    • Offset 3+(palette size): Icon data
  • 2: Author name. Data is a zero-terminated, variable-length string. Short names are recommended.
  • 3: Required library. Data is fixed-length at 10 bytes.
    • Offset 0: Library name (8 bytes, zero-padded)
    • Offset 8: Minimum required major library version (1 byte)
    • Offset 9: Minimum required minor library version (1 byte)
  • 4: If present, shell will set half-resolution mode before executing program. Zero-length data.