Description #

Runs a program via Doors CS’s RunProg subsystem. This call can handle any program that Doors CS itself can handle, including AP programs and AP files, nostub BASIC and Hybrid BASIC, Axe source code, nostub, DCS, Ion, and MirageOS ASM, plus any other filetype that gets added to Doors CS after this document was written. Be very careful to take into account all the things that the running program could do to this program’s SafeRAM, modes, and variables (see Outputs below).

Technical Details #

Inputs #

hl = Pointer to high (first) byte of VAT entry of given program or file.\

Outputs #

Runs the program. Be aware this may trash a variety of variables and settings, create new variables and settings, and switch many calculator modes, depending on the type of program run. Also note that Hybrid BASIC programs and an ASM program may completely destroy any SafeRAM in use, so be sure to either back up necessary variables

Destroyed #