App Header

Doors CSE 8.1 and above can list and execute standard TI-OS Applications (Apps). While Doors CSE 8 can display unmodified Apps, you can also give your Apps special header fields that Doors CSE will recognize, and which will not interfere with the TI-OS running your App.

Header Fields #

Doors CSE 8.1 recognizes a single header field, containing a 32x32-pixel icon. It is placed within the standard App header, and has field type 03F with size 2 bytes. The 2-byte data is a little-endian pointer to an icon formatted according to the ASM Header icon guidelines. The field type used was originally 290, since prefix 29 was unused, but it was discovered that the TI-OS doesn’t handle unknown prefixes well. The example below shows the 03F header field in action.

Header Format #

The general header format is as follows, and is designed for the Brass assembler:

; App Name: 
; Author: 
; Version: 
; Date: 
; Written for Doors CSE 8.1 and higher (
.binarymode intel                 ; TI-83+ Application
#include ""
.defpage 0, 16*1024, $4000          ; Page 0 definition
; Add additional page definitions as needed
.page 0                             ; Start page 0
.echoln "-Page 0----------------------"
   ; Master Field
   .db 80h, 0Fh, 0, 0, 0, 0
   ; Signing Key ID
   .db 80h, 12h, 1, 15 ; 15 for the TI-84+CSE
   .db 80h,21h,8   ; 8 
   .db 80h,31h,1   ; Pre-release
   ; Name
   .db 80h, 44h, "AoE2"
   ; Disable TI splash screen.
   .db 80h, 90h
   ; Pages
   .db 80h, 81h, NUM_PAGES
   ; Date stamp.  Apparently, the calculator doesn't mind if you put
   ; nothing in this.
   .db 03h, 22h, 09h, 00h
   ; Date stamp signature.  Since nothing ever checks this, there's no
   ; reason ever to update it.  Or even have data in it.
   .db 02h, 00
   ; Doors CSE 8 Icon
   .db 03h, F2h
   .dw AppIcon
   ; Final field
   .db 80h, 70h
   ; Your App's code goes here
   .db 2                                   ;Icon type: 32x32, 2-bit color
   .db $ff,$ff,$d6,$99,$8c,$51,$73,$6d
   .db $ad,$54,$31,$85,$52,$89,$20,$e3
   .db $62,$a7,$72,$44,$93,$27,$51,$83
   .db $c4,$09,$f5,$8e,$9a,$04,$9a,$c9     ;32-byte (16-color) palette
   .db 32,32                               ;Image dimensions, for the sprite routine
   .db $00,$00,$01,$23,$34,$10,$00,$00
   .db $00,$01,$55,$33,$63,$56,$10,$00
   .db $00,$17,$24,$28,$97,$33,$71,$00
   .db $00,$7a,$89,$66,$95,$b6,$27,$00
   .db $06,$8c,$aa,$a9,$9b,$77,$32,$60
   .db $07,$da,$99,$aa,$8b,$77,$64,$70
   .db $47,$ba,$9a,$a9,$9b,$77,$87,$74
   .db $4b,$ec,$39,$9a,$cb,$57,$a7,$52
   .db $47,$ba,$2a,$cc,$ea,$95,$a8,$72
   .db $17,$7e,$3a,$dd,$ec,$b5,$85,$71
   .db $05,$be,$26,$ca,$9e,$55,$85,$70
   .db $04,$7b,$23,$be,$eb,$65,$55,$20
   .db $00,$55,$33,$3a,$f3,$55,$75,$00
   .db $00,$05,$63,$3f,$f6,$35,$50,$00
   .db $01,$26,$86,$8f,$f8,$58,$62,$10
   .db $00,$14,$23,$33,$33,$32,$41,$00
   .fill 256, 0                           ;Your App must be >256 bytes, or the TI-OS will reject it
                                          ;Remove this for Apps that are already >256 bytes