Description #

Renders the GUI on the screen and begin input functions. It handles all inputs and text editing by itself. The input phase will last until you click on an item that make the program jump to a subroutine.

/!\ Event if Mouse seems to <u>{=html}call</u>{=html} event subroutines (like on a button click for example), it only <u>{=html}jumps</u>{=html} to it ! So if you use onEvent subroutines (the one which starts with GUIEvent), make sure to replace the Return by a Goto. /!\

Key : Logistic [stats] [→]

Inputs #

  • All the widgets to draw must be pushed in the GUIStack using their widget commands.

Format #

.Push widgets here
.Goto here at the end of a subroutine starting with 


Lbl Mouse