Small Window Item

Description #

This item is one of the three possible items that start a GUI stack entry: GUIR Null, GUIR Small Window, and GUIR Large Window. This item acts as a container for the data within it; it also renders a small window onto the screen, preserving any items behind it.
Type ID: 2

Format #

Datalength: 9+ bytes

0: x coordinate (0-15) [1 byte]
1: y coordinate (0-15) [1 byte]
2: 5x5 icon [5 bytes]
7: zero-terminated title string [- bytes]

Notes #

As of Doors CS 6.6 beta and above, pressing the [Clear] key on the calculator’s keypad is now a shortcut to click the [X] at the top-right of a GUIRSmallWin, if such a button exists. If you wish to override this behavior, you may create a MouseHook (see GUIMouse) to catch and handle the [Clear] key.